What is a voice mail greeting?

A voice mail greeting is a professionally produced greeting callers will hear for your mobile or regular phone system mailbox.

What do callers hear at first?

At first, the callers will be met with a greeting, providing instruction on how to reach certain parties or departments, as you’ve provided to us. After the caller chooses their desired channel, they can either hear a loop of commercial information while on hold, music, or both. If the caller ends up reaching a voice mailbox, they will hear a professionally recorded greeting with instruction on what to provide when leaving a message.

Do you handle international orders?

We provide production materials internationally as long as we have a valid email format in which to send our files. For questions about international orders, please contact our customer service department at contact@listenonhold.com.

Can you edit and master our already existing recording?

If you have already written and recorded your script, and are interested in utilizing our post-production services, please contact our customer service department at contact@listenonhold.com

Who writes the script?

If you choose to contact our customer service department, at contact@listenonhold.com, a Script Specialist will be assigned to your account. This specialist will personally work with you to develop an effective on hold script, voice mailbox message, and even prompts, to become processed through production.

How much will I pay?

Please see our Order Now page for more information. The minimum cost for any application appears in the real-time quote box as you provide your prompt information and calculates as you change parameters, which can include voice artists, word count, file count, music, and expedited delivery time.

Will my audio files be ready to use as soon as I receive them?

Yes. Listen On-Hold sends all audio files through a diligent post-production process that checks for voice talent delivery, pronunciation, and pacing. During quality control in our post-production department, any imperfections in the recording process including pops, breaths, etc. are removed.

What if the voice artist mispronounces some of the words in my script?

Please feel free to provide specs on pronunciation, upfront. If you would like, you can contact our customer service department at contact@listenonhold.com and provide information on names, department titles, etc. Any errors that are our responsibility will be corrected at no additional charge.

What if I don’t like the way my voice artist or final production sounds?

We have some of the very best voice artists in the industry. Along with our amazing local Atlanta artists, we work with voice talent in New York and in Los Angeles. We also work with some of the most established performing arts organizations in the Southeast to find great new voices. You can trust Listen On-Hold to provide voice production of the highest quality.

Can I save an order for submission at a future time?

Yes, when you create an account online, your order is automatically saved, up to 90 days, or until you either delete all projects or make your purchase. When you return to the website and sign in, you can make your purchase or make changes to your order and then purchase. Or exit again and it will be saved for another time.

Can I use my voice production for my on hold message?

You absolutely can, however, as veterans in the on hold industry, you may want to speak to customer service department, at contact@listenonhold.com, for more information about our on hold services. We provide systems and support to make sure you have the best product possible, at the best price.

How long does it take for me to receive my production files?

Your orders are fulfilled within 3 business days. Rush delivery is available at an additional fee. “Business Days” are defined as Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time. Please note that orders placed after 3pm Eastern Time/USA are considered the next business day.

Can I stop or change my order once I’ve submitted it?

Your order goes into production immediately, to guarantee a three-business day turnaround. Unfortunately, once you submit your order, our Listen On-Hold team starts to fulfill your order immediately, and the order cannot be cancelled.

My credit card has been declined – what do I do now?

The billing address must match the address where your credit card bills are mailed. Try to input the credit card numbers without spaces or hyphens, and confirm the date and CVC (3 digit number / 4 digit for AMEX) number. If you’re still having trouble, contact our customer service department at contact@listenonhold.com. We also accept debit card, as long as they carry the Visa or MasterCard logo.

How will my files be sent to me?

All finalized files will be emailed to you. If you require files for a hosted PBX or VoIP, we can send the files directly to your phone vendor or technician for implementation as long as you provide the proper information.

Do you offer music-only on hold messaging?

We do offer music only. We have a large bank of original music that can be created into music loops. We can also create personalized music for your company. To find out more about that, please email our customer service department at contact@listenonhold.com


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