Voice Prompt

The next best thing to a live person answering your phone is a custom series of prompts that allows the caller to quickly access the preferred person or department. Using Listen On-Hold, your prompt system can put a personalized, brand-appropriate voice to take callers where they want to go.

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On-Hold Messaging

The use of on-hold messaging for your customer’s on-hold experience can keep them attentive with engaging, brand-driven content. Now is a great opportunity to educate, promote social media, provide company history, or announce new products and services. “If you need assistance with script writing or copywriting, please email us separately at contact@listenonhold

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Professionally and personalized greetings – a great way to engage your client while providing valuable and useful information. Listen On-Hold will help to create a unified voicemail system to deliver important messages that help capture your customer’s attention.

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